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Bit of a Jungle

I love you EETEUK. *fangirls~*

26 December 1984
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Bitofajungle ♥

Hi ^o^ You can call me Mina! *waves*

I've changed a lot in the past few years, but I still love Kpop! My current loves, however, are Glee and my beautiful baby boy. I will probably talk about these things the most.

I use this LJ for fangirling over Kpop
and Jrock, fanfiction, general spazzing, and real life stuff. So... If you
want to add me, go ahead, but be prepared for my randomness, haha. :3

I like too many bands really to name, but
I usually fanfic about Super Junior or Click-B... and occasionally DBSK.

And I'll most likely be fangirling over Eeteuk,
Yesung, Junsu, Changmin, KangTeuk, Yoosu, KRY, YehHyuk, Jungmin, JE, Jrock, or something... with hot asian boys. XD  ♥

100 levels of Deceived Mad Pain COMPLETED

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