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Sterek RP on Omegle (NC-17)

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like sterek.
Stranger: Stiles leaned back in his chair, rubbing at his tired eyes as he finally shut down the research he was doing on the paralyzing type of wolfsbane, trying to find a quicker way to reverse the effects of the poison. Shaking his head, he stood and stretched, pulling his shirt off over his head as the computer shut down and he dropped onto his bed, laying on his back. His mind was swimming, brain quickly making the jump from wolfsbane, to hunters, to wolves and then to Derek. He groaned and rubbed a hand over his stomach, arousal simmering low in his stomach at the thought of the Alpha.
You: Derek was outside of Stiles' window, trying to decide if he should go in or not. He needed a place to hide out, and it seemed like a good place, but then he'd caught sight of Stiles removing his shirt, and heard the spike in Stiles' heart beat. It might not be the best time. He hesitated a moment longer before yanking the window open. He had to stay somewhere, after all. Stiles would either understand, or he wouldn't.
Stranger: Stiles sat bolt upright and grabbed a pillow, hiding it over his crotch, "Dude! How many times? Freaking knock before you climb in through my window," he said, blush coloring his neck and chest as he flushed, suddenly regretting throwing his shirt across the room because getting up? Not an option at that moment, "Is there a reason for you being here besides interrupting the nightly regime of most teenage boys?" He covered up his embarrassment with snark, because his dick hadn't gotten the message that Derek being here was /not/ a good thing for him.
You: Derek shut the door behind him and stood there, slowly folding his arms over his chest. "I needed a place to hide out for a few hours. Don't worry, I parked the camaro a few blocks away." He had started to walk towards Stiles' shirt, knowing that the younger man was going to sit in the bed, looking uncomfortable, until he was clothed, when Derek smelled the arousal, and his footsteps slowed, though he made sure that his face didn't reveal anything about what he was thinking.
Stranger: "And while that's all very good, you still need to knock or give me a heads up. You can crash here, I just need advance warning," Stiles managed to calm himself a little, hugging the pillow to his chest and covering the bare skin on show, "Why do you need to hide out, anyway?" he asked, tilting his head as he watched Derek move. The Alpha could probably still hear his heart pounding, but Stiles hoped he put that down to shock and not the fact that his brain was still travelling back up north of his body, "Hunters?"
You: Derek reached into his back pocket and held up his cellphone, which had a bullet hole going straight through it. "I couldn't really text." He shoved it back into his pocket and sat down on the edge of Stiles' bed, rolling his shoulders. "I'm assuming it was hunters. I don't know why in particular they went after me this evening, but..."
Stranger: "Jesus," Stiles said, arousal forgotten as he pulled Derek's jacket aside, looking for any injuries and spotting the blood and bullet hole in his side, "That's still in there," he said, getting to his feet and rummaging in his drawers for his medical supplies, "Shirt off, lie back," he ordered, not really caring that he was telling an alpha what to do as he tugged on a loose grey shirt that felt too big for him. Blinking, he looked down, wondering how any of Derek's clothes had migrated into his bedroom and deciding he had more important things to focus on.
You: He removed his jacket and lifted his shirt off over his head without really thinking about it... Derek had gotten used to coming to Stiles for things like this. He stretched out on the bed, pillowing his head on his arm as he lay on his side. "It's a normal bullet, I just couldn't get a good grip on it."
Stranger: "Okay, first things first, I told you last time not to claw at the bullets. You just end up pushing them in deeper," Stiles said, grabbing the clean but bloodstained towel he kept under his bed for these purposes and stuffing it under Derek's body, kneeling next to him on the bed and wiping away the blood, "I'm gonna have to cut it out a little," he warned, grabbing the scalpel and cutting through the skin with practiced precision, before getting the tweezers and getting a good grip on the bullet and tugging, his other hand rubbing softly over his hip, the motion unconscious and soothing.
You: Derek gritted his teeth, but didn't make a sound, other than a deep inhale of breath when Stiles cut into him and got the bullet out. "At least you don't freak out about stuff like this anymore," Derek said, thinking about the time Stiles almost had to chop his arm off.
Stranger: Stiles snorted, stabbing him with the blunt tweezers, not cutting him, just teasing as he dropped the bullet into the box they had managed to collect and pressing the towel there to collect the blood while it healed, "Immersion therapy. I've seen you bloodied and dying too many times now," he said, but there was a slight bitterness to his tone. He wished he still freaked instead of the cool calm that overtook him whenever he saw one of his friends bleeding and dying.
You: Derek nodded, knowing some of what Stiles had left unsaid. He reached out, touching Stiles' arm briefly. "Thanks." He reached down, touching the spot where he was already almost healed, and sat up, not considering until he was upright just how close their bodies would be. He tugged at his shirt that Stiles was wearing. "Isn't this mine?"
Stranger: Stiles smiled softly, leaning back on his haunches and looking down at where Derek's hand was tugging at the shirt he had on, "I thought that," he said, shrugging and feeling it slip off slightly on one side, exposing his collarbones and his right shoulder, "Definitely not mine. I just grabbed the first thing I saw. You must've left it here," he said, trying to control his heartbeat.
You: Derek leaned forward just a little bit, glancing down where Stiles' shoulder was exposed. "I guess that's a possibility." His dark eyes slid down Stiles' body, over the shirt that was too big, and beyond, then back up. "I didn't really notice." He could smell his scent on Stiles and it was distracting to say the least.
Stranger: Stiles swallowed roughly, clearing his throat and getting to his feet a little shakily, "There was probably blood on it at some point," he joked weakly, grabbing the medical supplies and the towel and shoving them into a hidden part of his desk, something his dad didn't know about as he avoided Derek's eyes, hating how a simple look had him dry mouthed and shivering.
You: "Likely." Stiles moving away helped Derek get control over himself, and he bent down, removing his shoes, before stretching back out on Stiles' bed. "Is your dad coming home tonight?" He'd made sure the sheriff wasn't home before coming inside. He didn't always bother, but he definitely wasn't in the mood to get shot again that evening.
Stranger: "No," Stiles said, letting out a little shudder, "He's... On a date," he said, hating how tight his voice sounded. He wanted his dad to date but the idea of him staying out at his girlfriend's place? Not something he needed to think about, "Is it depressing my father has a more exciting love life than me and he's in his late 40's?" he asked, grinning over at Derek.
You: Derek shook his head, shifting to get comfortable. "You worry about that with everything going on? You have plenty of time for that later."
Stranger: "17 going on 18 and I'm still a virgin. Yeah, I find time to worry about it," Stiles said with a laugh, moving to sit in his desk chair, spinning before looking over at Derek sprawled out on his bed, "You should sleep. You must have lost a lot of blood."
You: Derek was tired, but he wasn't ready to sleep quite yet. He was unsettled by the thoughts in his mind, and by the signals Stiles' body was sending him, whether or not he meant to. "It's not all it's cracked up to be. You get attached, you get stabbed in the back..." He shrugged, closing his eyes.
Stranger: Stiles bit down on his lip, worrying it between his teeth as he watched Derek's eyes slide shut, "Part of life, right? Heartbreak and all that," he said, crossing his legs underneath his body and turning on his computer, "I mean... I'm sure heartbreak sucks, but... Constantly being alone sucks too."
You: He nodded just slightly... because Stiles had a point. But that didn't mean Derek was going to make a big deal about it. "You aren't alone," he murmured, keeping his eyes firmly shut, feigning sleep.
Stranger: "In the romantic sense I am. Even in the visceral sexy sense," Stiles said, trying to lighten the mood a little. His eyes softened a little as he took in Derek on the bed and he turned away, deciding he may as well finish his rune translations if he was up.
You: Derek fell asleep for real once Stiles went back to the computer, the sound of typing that had become really familiar lately lulling him to sleep.
Stranger: Stiles kept typing for at least 2 hours, on a roll and mumbling to himself as he did so, randomly saying out little pieces of information, even though he knew Derek was asleep. The fact that that wasn't weird now was pretty weird. His fingers stilled on the keyboard and he looked over, curling up a little to combat the sudden ache of want that settled in his chest. He wished he could just go lie down next to him, find out if Derek's hair was as soft as it looked, if his shoulders were as strong and comfortable as they seemed.
You: Derek rolled over, stretching his arms up over his head, and yawned, peeking one eye open. "You're still up?" he mumbled. "Is it late? I should go. ..." He closed his eyes again, trying to properly wake up. It was nice to wake up like this, slowly, knowing he's safe.
Stranger: Stiles jumped a little, rubbing his eyes as he shook his head, "It's fine, stay, sleep some more," he insisted, closing the laptop after he got a look at the time. 3AM. Whoops. Stiles eyes drifted over Derek's half asleep form and he smiled, "Seriously dude. Sleep."
You: Derek sat up slightly, leaning on his elbow, and looked at Stiles. "Are you sure?" Usually he left, no matter what Stiles said, after a few hours. "Do you ever sleep?"
Stranger: "I sleep," Stiles said, shrugging his shoulders, "Sometimes. Adderall and insomnia kind of have a loving relationship," he admitted, leaning his head on his hands, the shirt slipping off his shoulder again. The size of it was oddly comforting, even though he knew it'd be tight over Derek's ridiculous shoulders, he liked how soft and warm it felt, "You only ever seem to sleep when you're here."
You: "It's hard to sleep when I always have to be on. Anticipating the next attack, expecting the next text from you guys, needing to be rescued." He sighed. "I don't know why I can sleep here." He laid back down on the bed. "You should try to sleep too." He wasn't sure why he cared, but he did.
Stranger: "It's a very comfortable bed," Stiles joked, watching him lay back and shaking his head, "Nah, you need it more than I do. I know healing takes more out of you then you let on. Scott always complains that it's exhausting," he said, looking at the spot where the bullet had pierced with a sinking feeling. If it had been a little higher it would have pierced Derek's lung...
You: Derek shrugged. "I can handle it." He shifted over on the bed, rolling so his back was facing the empty side. "There's space for you too. I don't bite."
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Stranger: "Doesn't mean it's not nice," Stiles said, raising an eyebrow, "I have it on good authority that you do bite," Stiles argued, shaking his head, "I'm fine. That will end awkwardly and we both know it."
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Stranger: ((Awesome!))
You: Derek laughed, baring his teeth, and shrugged. "Suit yourself." He was starting to wonder why he didn't just drag Stiles into the bed and force him to relax.
You: (I'm going to be answering slowly for a little while)
Stranger: ((Yeah, not a problem :) ))
Stranger: Stiles poked his tongue out at Derek, looking back over his shoulder at the spell he was trying to perfect. Hopefully it'd be a way for Derek to feel a little safer, for all of them to feel safer. Letting out a huff, he grabbed the laptop and moved to sit at the head of the bed, leaning against his pillows, his feet on level with Derek's stomach and his dark head next to his hip, "Sleep," he ordered as he carried on working.
You: "You're bossy tonight," Derek commented, shifting around a little to get comfortable before closing his eyes again and fully relaxing.
Stranger: "Yeah, well. You're always bossy. It's a shift in the power dynamics," Stiles muttered, flicking his ear lightly before getting distracted, typing one handed as he left his hand in Derek's hair, fingers moving slowly over the silky locks.
You: Derek had a smart remark for that, but the fingers in his hair were distracting enough that he didn't speak it. It was a soothing feeling, one he hadn't felt in so long, but hadn't known he'd been missing. Having no family except the ragtag bunch of wolves was hard, but it didn't leave too much time for him to get sentimental.
Stranger: Stiles kept working, his fingers moving slowly over Derek's hair as he was distracted, muttering softly under his breath when he screwed up a translation and whistling quietly when he completed one. Derek was a warm weight at his side and he felt safe and happy being this close. Lettin gout a sigh, he closed his laptop and looked down at his hand, noticing that Derek hadn't shoved him off. Swallowing roughly, he let his other hand join, fingers light on his shoulder as he squeezed softly.
You: Derek made a soft noise, turning his head so that his nose bumped Stile's thigh before relaxing again. Stiles had been right about the fact that healing wore him out. It was a lot for his body to deal with, especially with the frequency that he was injured.
Stranger: Stiles didn't bother to hide his grin, just dragged his nails lightly over his scalp, rubbing soothing circles over the middle of his back. The impulse to say something was there and he tried to push it down, scared that Derek would pull away and close up, "You should sleep," he said, his voice rough and quiet in the silence of the empty house.
You: "You... should take your own advice," Derek mumbled. He was tired of pushing Stiles away. ...That wasn't really what he wanted anymore.
Stranger: "I might do," Stiles said quietly, sliding down the bed a little until Derek's head was almost resting against his stomach. For once, his heart was steady. He wasn't scared or nervous, and it was probably the exhaustion, but part of it was just the feeling belonging here. Still he kept up the motions of his hands, "Un clench," he muttered, huffing out a soft laugh as he squeezed a tight muscle in his shoulder.
You: Derek blinked open sleepy eyes and peered up at Stiles, pausing, catching Stiles looking back down at him. "You should tell me to leave," he said softly. He wasn't sure Stiles realized what kind of signals he was sending, or what a temptation he'd become.
Stranger: Stiles snorted out a laugh, wrapping his arm a little tighter around Derek's shoulder, "I'm not ever gonna tell you to leave," he said, his voice quiet but fierce as he pushed Derek's hair out of his face, thumb gently dragging over the scruff on his cheek, "Ever. Okay? You can choose to leave if you want, but I want you to stay."
You: Derek nodded just barely. He knew if he thought about all the reasons why he shouldn't make a move, he wouldn't. And that wasn't what he wanted anymore. He wanted to cover Stiles' with his scent so everyone knew he was his and never let go. "C'mere," he said finally, reaching up for Stiles.
Stranger: Stiles moved down automatically, shimmying down the bed until they were level, his hand still curled up in the older mans hair as he leaned in and slotted their lips together, hoping he hadn't gotten the wrong idea and was about to become a wolf's breakfast.
You: When their lips touched, Derek let out a growl, and grabbed Stiles, pushing him back against the bed. Derek slid over top of him and deepened the kiss, sucking Stiles' lower lip into his mouth, as he squeezed Stiles' hip.
Stranger: For a minute, Stiles froze in fear, sure that Derek was about to punch him and not expecting the sudden pressure of his lips to increase, but he wasn't complaining. Fisting his hand in his hair, he opened his mouth a little more, tongue flicking at Derek's top lip, biting softly.
You: Stiles' teeth on Derek's lip really did him in. He pressed his body against Stiles and pushed his tongue out to meet Stiles', then into his mouth, exploring, tasting. Derek made a very happy noise.
Stranger: Their teeth clashed and for a while it was messy and rough until the slick slide of Derek's tongue against his own had him whimpering, legs immediately moving to wrap around his waist and tug him down a little more, hand splayed over his back, "Derek," he muttered, pulling back for air, fingernails dragging over his scalp, "Fuck... Derek."
You: Derek smiled, moving his lips over Stile's jaw to suck at his earlobe. "I've never heard you so speechless." His hips rocked downwards involuntarily, and he let out a low groan, feeling Stiles beneath him.
Stranger: "N-not speechless, just limited," Stiles said, voice choking on a gasp as he twisted his hair, eyes sliding shut as Derek toyed with his earlobe, "This was kind of unexpected in a way that should have been expected," he muttered, licking his lips as trying to drag him up, "Kiss me again, asshole," he ordered playfully, nudging the back of his thigh with his foot.
You: "I knew it was going to happen eventually," he admitted, grabbing Stiles' hands and pinning them over his head. "Bossy." He purposefully ignored Stiles' order and moved his lips down his neck again, rubbing his nose into Stiles' scent before biting down lightly.
Stranger: "You, good sir, are a tool for not acting sooner then," Stiles admonished, letting out a shaking breath as his hands were pinned, arching his neck into the bite, "How did I know you'd be a biter? How did I know? I don't bite. Yeah, sure," he whimpered, rocking his hips up desperately.
You: "You're young... was trying to wait..." He bit down harder just because he could, before finally moving his lips back up to connect with Stiles'. Derek ground his hips downwards in response to Stiles' movements and it felt so fucking amazing.
Stranger: "Idiot. I was right fucking here for two years Derek," Stiles said a little desperately, biting down on his bottom lip hard enough to bruise, "Always been here. Just waiting for you," he moaned into Derek's mouth and clung to him, helpless little whimpers pushing out of his throat as he blushed, "Not gonna last," he admitted, pleasure radiating through every pore of his body.
Stranger: ((Did my last message send?))
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Stranger: ((It's fine, I was just making sure Omegle wasn't messing up!))
You: "For me..." Derek groaned, grinding his hips down harder. He wasn't going to last if they kept this up, either. It had been such a long time, and he'd been fighting his desire for this for what felt like forever. "Stiles," he breathed, pressing his face back into the younger man's neck. "Fuck."
Stranger: "All for you," Stiles promised, writhing against him, his hips bucking helplessly as he felt his orgasm approaching. He rutted harder against Derek, whining and panting in his ear, begging for everything, anything as he came in his pants, crying out Derek's name.
You: Stiles scent before was nothing compared to this. Derek lost it the second he took a deep breath, coming as he kept rubbing up against Stiles. He bit at Stiles' neck, making sure he'd left a mark, before going limp on top of him with a sated groan.
Stranger: Stiles panted hard, his neck aching from the bite Derek had left there and his vision a little blurry as he ran his hands over his bare back and shoulders, "Wow. Okay. Wow," he mumbled, blinking and trying to catch his breath, "That was the most awesome thing to ever happen, ever. Just so you know," he muttered, wriggling a little under Derek's weight.
You: Derek laughed, rolling off of Stiles, pulling him with him so that Stiles ended up draped across his chest. "It wasn't terrible, I'll admit."
Stranger: Stiles huffed and bit down on his collarbone, "Fuck you, that was awesome," he said, smugly kissing over his chest, "I totally made you come in your pants."
You: "I made you come first," Derek pointed out, more relaxed than he'd been for as long as he could remember.
Stranger: "You interrupted me about to jack off earlier. It's to be expected," Stiles grinned, curling into him and tracing his fingers over Derek's stomach, grimacing a little when his pants started to stick to him, "We should shower. You mainly, because you're still covered in blood..." he said, making no efforts to move.
You: Derek didn't want Stiles to wash his scent away, but it was true that he was disgusting... and sticky, and the more he thought about how a hot shower would feel, the less he felt like arguing. "Yeah, probably."
Stranger: Stiles grinned and rolled off him, off the bed actually, thumping to the floor with a thud, "Ow," he muttered, lying on his bed and pointing at Derek, "Not a damn word. Not a word."
You: Rolling lazily over onto his stomach, Derek looked over the edge with a big grin on his face. "Not a word," he agreed, amused.
Stranger: Stiles forced himself to sit up, stealing a kiss and biting on Derek's bottom lip before pulling away, shamelessly shoving his pants down and grinning, "Shower?" he asked, walking out of the room and into the bathroom.
You: Derek slid out of bed and followed Stiles into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him before stripping out of what was left of his clothes. He kept his eyes on Stiles, just because he could, enjoying the fact that he could finally stare without having to worry about being caught. "I'll need to wash these pants. Unless I have some I've left here."
Stranger: "You probably have some here, but I can wash them anyway," Stiles said, turning on the hot water and blushing when he felt Derek's eyes on him. It felt amazing to have his attention finally and he grinned as he stepped under the spray, holding his hand out to the older man, "Come on."
You: Derek accepted Stiles' hand and stepped into the shower. His chest rumbled in contentment as he felt the hot spray of water. He didn't get hot showers often.
Stranger: Stiles soaped up his hands, running them carefully over Derek's body as he leaned in to kiss him, rubbing at the tense muscles in his shoulders and back as he licked into his mouth.
You: Derek kissed Stiles slowly, all of the desperation from earlier gone. He slid a hand around Stiles' side and up his back, drawing him closer. "You're right... I shouldn't have waited so long."
Stranger: "M'always right," Stiles muttered, smiling as he kissed the corner of Derek's mouth, slowly washing both of their bodies under the hot spray, feeling Derek relax, "Still. Got there in the end. That matters," he said, eyess lipping shut as he tipped his head back, baring his throat, knowing that the hickey there would be on full display.
You: Seeing his mark on Stiles was doing things to Derek. He moved his hands downward, digging his fingers into Stiles' ass. "Do you know what you're doing to me?"
Stranger: Stiles smirked, "I was guessing the whole marking and biting thing was... A thing," he admitted, wiping some soap on Derek's nose with a laugh, "Was I right?"
You: Derek growled, pinning Stiles to the side of the tub. "Yes. You're too smart for your own good." He leaned in and kissed him firmly. "I just don't want to move too fast. I am already having a hard time controlling myself with you."
Stranger: Stiles kissed back hungrily, huffing against his lips, "Too fast? We've had a year of frickin foreplay here. I want you in the we're-both-fuckedup-but-I-care-about-you way. I'm done with dancing around this. So can both of us for once just be selfish and get what we want?" he asked, voice a little desperate as he clung to Derek's shoulders.
You: "Do you really know what you're asking for?" Derek pressed a leg between Stiles' thighs, and could feel that they were both already recovering very nicely from their earlier orgasms. "Because I need to know now how far I can take this."
Stranger: "I'm asking for everything," Stiles muttered, kissing across his wet shoulder, fingers digging into his arms as he held on, trying to hold back a whimper, "Just...I want you. All of you. I want this and... You feel safe with me," he muttered, hiding his face, "I wanna be the person who makes you feel safe."
You: Derek reached a hand up and hooked it under Stiles' chin, forcing his face back up towards Derek's. "You are, Stiles. You are." He kissed him gently, pulling him back under the water. "Come on then, let's finish in here and get dirty again."
Stranger: Stiles grinned and kissed him, laughing into it as they washed quickly, his skin a little pink once they got out of the shower. He threw a towel at Derek and scrubbed at the older mans hair, bursting out laughing when it went a mess, "Hot. It's a good look."
You: Derek tried to glower at Stiles but he had a feeling the effect was ruined by his messy hair. He grabbed the towel and snapped it across Stiles' ass. "Watch it."
Stranger: Stiles yelped and laughed, just tugging Derek back towards him, "Hey. You were fully aware I was a freak before you got into this," he said, smoothing Derek's hair back and smiling softly, "Want you," he muttered, kissing down his neck as he hooked Derek's arm around his back and rested it over his ass.
You: "All in good time." Derek rubbed Stiles' ass, dragging the younger man up against him. "You should bite me. I like it." He leaned his head back to give him more room.
Stranger: Stiles couldn't stop a whimper at that, dragging his teeth over his skin lightly before nipping at it, teasing him briefly, before biting down over his pulse, teeth tugging at the skin there and soothing it with his tongue.
You: Derek moaned, moving his head down to bite Stiles' lip and draw their mouths back together. Derek rocked against Stiles, marveling at how perfectly their bodies fit together, and how good it felt to be up against him with no clothes in the way.
Stranger: Stiles gave a full bodied shiver, eyes sliding shut as he tried to rock back against Derek, his movements jerky and a little uncoordinated, making him a little frustrated, "Bedroom?" he asked, swallowing nervously.
You: Derek glanced at Stiles for a moment before picking him up and tossing him over his shoulder. He headed for the bedroom, not wasting any time, and dropped Stiles onto the bed.
Stranger: "Okay, Caveman! Remember that conversation we had about warnings and letting me know when you're about to make my heart jump into my throat?" Stiles said, his voice a little higher than usual as he thumped down onto the bed, heart fluttering in his chest with nervousness as he propped himself up on his elbows, eyes raking up and down Derek's body, "Fuck," he whimpered.
You: "Hmm, doesn't ring a bell." He grinned crawling predatorily towards from the end of the bed towards Stiles. "So tell me, what were you thinking about when you were touching yourself? When I came in the window."
Stranger: Stiles mouth went completely dry as he reached for Derek, fingers sliding through his hair as he tugged him in for a kiss, "Hmm, can't remember," he said, his voice rough and teasing, "Nope... It's gone... You're gonna need to help me remember..."
You: "Or you're going to tell me," Derek said, lips brushing against Stiles, "Was it me? ...Do you think of me when you're jerking off?"
Stranger: Stiles flushed and nodded his head, biting down on the curve of Derek's jaw, "Fuck... Yeah. I do," he admitted, licking across the rubble lightly, feeling the rough texture against his tongue, "I was... Tonight... I was half hard just from imagining you kissing me."
You: "Just kissing? Is that all you think about?" Derek moved his hands downwards, stroking over Stiles' chest, down his stomach, over a hipbone. 'That's it."
Stranger: "No- nngh," Stiles hissed, hips bucking when he traced over his hip, "I think about... Fuck, I can't say this shit," he mumbled, covering his face with his hands. He didn't know how to do this without sounding like an idiot.
You: "You? Stiles. You say everything. To everyone you've ever met. And people you haven't." Derek rolled his eyes, sitting back, still over Stiles, and crossed his arms over his chest. "Tell me."
Stranger: Stiles let out a quiet whimper, "I think about... You fucking me when I finger myself," he said, his cheeks burning as he pulled his hands away, reaching his arms up to cling to the headboard and watching Derek's eyes dilate, "I think about... Fuck, what it'd feel like. How full it'd feel..."
Stranger: ((Brb))
You: Derek licked his lips, staring at Stiles. He'd thought about that too, a lot lately, how tight Stiles had to be, how good it was going to feel to claim him. He had to take a deep breath and let it out, because he was seriously going to wolf out if he wasn't careful. "Do you have what we need to do that?"
You: (ok!)
Stranger: Stiles nodded, rolling over and pulling lube out of the drawer next to his bed, biting his lip as he grabbed a condom, fiddling with the wrapper, "We can... I mean. I'm clean and I know werewolves don't get diseases..." he said, heart hammering because he wanted that, "Just... Are there any wolfy add ons I should know about? I read some stuff..." a knot.
You: Derek leaned over Stiles to take the lube from him and looked at the condom. "Yeah, we can skip that, if you're okay with it." He settled back, looking down at the half used bottle. "Then you know about the knotting? I can try to pull out before it happens, if you don't want..."
Stranger: "No," Stiles said a little too quickly, his cock twitching at the thought, suddenly rock hard between his legs despite his worries, "I wasn't lying when I said I wanted all of you," he said, throwing the condom to the side and pulling Derek down for a needy kiss.
You: Derek breathed a soft sigh of relief as he let Stiles control the kiss. It was so hot, how much he wanted this. As much as Derek did. He reached between their legs and wrapped his hand around Stiles' erection for the first time and stroked it slowly, knowing he couldn't do much without making Stiles come again.
Stranger: Stiles bit down on Derek's lip, the movement accidental as he gripped his cock. His back arched and he bared his neck again, panting softly as he grabbed Derek's wrist, "Hair trigger teenager dude..." he warned, blinking rapidly as he spread his legs, "Wanna come with your knot in me."
You: Derek laughed lightly, moving his mouth to bite at Stiles' neck. He couldn't resist, when it was there, waiting for him. "Okay," he murmured, sitting back. He pushed Stiles lets apart further, helping him bend his knees and set his feet flat on the bed. He then popped the lube open, squeezing some out onto his fingers.
Stranger: Stiles propped himself back up on his elbows, biting his lip as he looked down at Derek, nervousness making him tense a little. What if he wasn't good at this? What if Derek thought he was a joke? Breathing slowly, he pushed the thoughts away and quickly kissed Derek, soft and lightly, "Okay," he muttered against his lips, getting back into position, "M'ready."
You: "Relax," Derek suggested, as he traced his fingers around the edge of Stiles' hole, before easing one inside of him. He wanted to bend Stiles over and just fuck him, but there'd be time for them to be rough later. He wasn't planning on hurting him.
Stranger: Stiles moaned at the feeling, pulling his leg up to his chest as he fell back onto the bed, "I'm not gonna break," he said to Derek, taking a slow breath, "I've done this to myself... a lot," he admitted, laughing quietly.
You: Derek visibly relaxed, and he stopped being quite so careful as he worked Stiles open with one, then two, then three fingers. Soon he was fucking Stiles with his fingers, working them in deeply, watching him writhe on the bed, loving that he was finally doing this to him.
Stranger: Stiles could barely breathe he felt so good. Derek was taking him apart piece by piece and he fucking loved it; knew he had to be making obscene noises but he didn't care, couldn't care when just his fingers felt this good, "Derek come on," he whined, fucking down onto his hand desperately, clinging to the headboard for leverage, "Fuck me, please."
You: "Since you asked so nicely," Derek muttered, pulling his hand away. He wiped it on the sheet beside them. "I really want you on your hands and knees," he said, eyes flashing red for a moment at the thought.
Stranger: Stiles groaned at that, rolling over so that he was on his hands and knees, filter completely disintegrating, "I know what you're doing," he said, panting a little as he spread his legs, "Claiming. Mounting me, bending me over and knotting me," his felt a little lightheaded with power and pleasure, "Come on, Derek, Alpha, please."
You: "Yes." Derek growled, moving the second Stiles was in place. He leaned over him, grabbing his hips with a rough enough grip that he'd probably leave bruises, and without warning, pushed into Stiles. It was tight, so tight, and so good, and perfect.
Stranger: "Fuck," Stiles choked out, grabbing the sheets and twisting them in his fists, head dropping to hand between his shoulders, arms trembling. It hurt, he couldn't deny that and Derek wasn't exactly small, but it felt so good, right and he sobbed with the pleasure of it, "Please," he said quietly, practically crying out the word, his hand reaching back to curl over Derek's on his hip.
You: That word broke every bit of control Derek had left, and he started moving in and out, deeper, and harder, groaning at the feel of Stiles clenching around him. He growled again, leaning over Stiles further, so he could bury his teeth in his shoulder, still careful, always careful not to break the skin.
Stranger: "Yes, Derek, fuck, harder," Stiles begged, arching into his thrust, backing against him as light exploded behind his eyes. He wondered what they looked like, Derek's hard, muscled body stretched out over his, both of them rock hard and straining, panting as they fucked. He pulled his hand off Derek's and reached back to clutch at his hair, tugging hard, getting him to bite harder.
You: Derek wrapped an arm around Stiles' chest, pulling him back closer, thrusting harder, burying himself in him. "Mine," he growled possessively, moving his hand down to grip Stiles' dick.
Stranger: "Yours, fuck, always been yours," Stiles babbled, mouth open and his eyes closed as he tried to push back onto Derek's cock and into the hand wrapped around him, "Not yet," he begged, stilling Derek's hand, "Want your knot first, please Derek..."
You: (brb!)
Stranger: ((Okies.))
You: Derek squeezed around the base of Stiles' dick, helping him to hold off, and moved faster. "Close," he grunted, slamming into his tight hole. "Fuck." He bit Stiles's shoulder again, thrusting a few more times before arching back with a loud groan and coming. He could feel his dick immediately start to swell even more, and he held onto Stiles, still rocking. He started moving his hand again, jerking him off.
Stranger: "Oh God!" Stiles yelled out, back arching completely as Derek knotted him, filling him completely and making it hard to breathe as he came over the Alpha's hand, spurting all over the bed and his own chest, sobbing his release as he felt the knot still swelling, knowing Derek would keep coming inside him for a while. His vision blacked a little at the edges once his orgasm was done, and he fell limp to the bed, keeping his hips up as he smashed his face into the pillows, breathing Derek's name over and over.
You: Derek's arms were shaking from holding them up, so he eased down, holding Stiles' hips tight against his own, shifting Stiles so that they were laying on their sides. He wrapped his arms around Stile's chest and held him, kissing his neck and ear as he hummed in contentment.
Stranger: Stiles slowly came back to earth, piecing himself back together again as he clenched around Derek's knot, feeling it keeping him plugged as he kept spurting inside him, "Mmph," he muttered, turning his head to let his lips brush Derek's temple, "Broke me. Broke me with sex. M'ruined for life now," he teased, letting his head drop as he curled their fingers together.
You: "Somehow I think you'll survive," he replied, nuzzling his face into the back of Stiles' neck so he could just breath and enjoy their scents mingling together.
Stranger: "Mmm, maybe," Stiles muttered, yawning as he tilted his head to the side, "How do I smell then?" he asked, tone teasing as he lifted Derek's hand to his mouth and kissed it softly.
You: "Mmmm." He nuzzled his face in even closer, licking at Stiles' neck. "Like you're mine." He didn't have to worry about any wolf coming anywhere near Stiles without knowing he was claimed. That'd give Stiles something fun to explain to Scott at school.
Stranger: Stiles snorted, biting down lightly on his finger, "Possessive ass," he muttered, grinning as he reached for the blanket and threw it over both of them, pressing back against Derek and deliberately clenching around him, "How long are we tied for?" he asked sleepily.
You: He groaned softly, biting down on Stiles' neck. "Few more minutes, at least." It looked like he'd found a way to get Stiles to sleep. That was definitely an accomplishment.
Stranger: Stiles hummed and yawned again, slowly starting to drift off, his brain blissfully blank for once, "Feels really good," he slurred, "It was good, right?" he asked, turning his neck and craning to look at Derek
You: "Really good," Derek assured him, stroking his arm slowly. "You can sleep." He closed his eyes slowly, ready to sleep with Stiles in his arms.
Stranger: ((Gah. This was awesome an hot and now I must sleep! Thankyou! This was awesome!))
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